Thursday, 3 December 2015

Spiral Black Diamond Toast

According to Victoria Bakes, this is yet another toast recipe that went viral in China.

Actually bread in cake is not a new thing as I have tasted one in a blogger potluck gathering.  Back then, the methods look daunting to motivate me to try.

Now seeing the contrast beautiful colours in this Spiral Black Diamond Toast created by Vic, I knew I just had to try.  It is so pretty!  Don't we normally eat with eyes first before the food goes into our mouth?

Findings: As usual, I have really poor rolling skill when it comes to bread.  Like pizza, I never seem to be able to roll it the way it should be.  I encountered difficulty in rolling it out to the required measurement.  Nevertheless I barely make it before the layers get torn.

Anyway, I was already expected a failed project and was eager to see how badly I done.

First few slices, I get these which is how the original black diamond toast looks like.

I was like "oh oh", I am doomed for failure.  Upon a few more slices, I have gotten this!

Though mine is a far cry from how Vic's, mine is totally loopsided but hey, I was happy with it.

Overall, the chocolatey taste is really good.  So go for the best cocoa powder you can find.

This recipe is definitely a keeper!

Source: Victoria Bakes (for step by step tutorial)

What you need:


100g bread flour
25g cake flour
80g water
8g milk powder
22g caster sugar
2g salt
2g instant dry yeast
10g butter

Cocoa paste

1 tbsp dark cocoa powder + 1 tbsp hot water

cocoa sponge cake
3 eggs, separated
80g caster sugar
80g cake flour
55g milk
30g butter
20g cocoa powder


Greased and lined a 450g loaf pan, L 20 x W 10.5 x H 10.5cm

For the dough, mix ingredients together (except butter) and knead till you get a dough.

Add butter and knead till it pass the window pane stage

Remove 62g of dough, and knead in chocolate paste.

Next, allow both dough to rise till double in size

Punch dough down and roll plain dough into a L 31 x W 18cm, 
 fold sides inwards so that the two lengthwise end meet each other.  Then roll out into a L 34 x W 13cm sheet

Roll cocoa dough into a L 32 x W 12cm sheet

Next, place chocolate sheet on top of plain dough and roll lightly like a swiss roll dough beginning from the end furthest away from you.  As you roll down, roll it more tightly

Seal seams well

Place dough in the middle of greased and lined pan and seam downwards.  Cover with cling wrap.

Let it proof till 60% of its original size

Next, dissolve butter in milk over a pot of simmering water, then sift in cocoa powder.  Mix well and set aside

Beat egg white and sugar until stiff peaks. (sugar to be added in 3 additions).

On slow speed, add in egg yolk from side of the bowl. Stir till well blended

Mix in flour with egg whisk attachment in 3 additions.  Batter should be in ribbon stage.

Finally pour in cocoa butter mixture with the help of spatula from the side of mixer bowl, fold gently using spatula

Pour batter into pan from a height of at least 10cm

Tap pan lightly to remove air bubbles then smooth surface

Bake in centre rack of preheated oven of 170°C for 40-50 mins

(Vic done hers on centre rack for 36 mins, then switched to second lowest rack and continued baking for 14 mins) (I have totally forgotten this step)

Once baked, allow to cool completely on wire rack (do not need to invert)

Have you started your Christmas partying?


  1. Hahahaha ur oh-oh is so funny.... Edith, u r way too humble.. I think you are very skilled in baking :) u just enjoy crediting everyone else but you.. And hey, thanks for showing the original diamond toast eh ;)

    1. I also appreciated and thankful for those who share. My belief always stands as when the credit isn't yours, I should not claim it.

  2. Hi Edith,
    I must say you're good cos I like your contrast black & white spiral too.

    1. Karen, still room for improvement but I am pretty happy how it turned out as I was expecting disaster due to my poor inattentiveness.


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