Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Love Letters aka Kueh Kapit (folded)

I remembered during this period, my mom will gathered us together to make Love letters.

When young, I only know such cookie is known Love letters until recently a friend educated me.  Apparently it is also known as Kueh Kapit (folded version) or Kueh Belanda (rolled version).

Anyway, as far as my memory recalled, sitting on a stool in a kitchen and getting our little hands hot was my recollection but it definitely left fond memories.  I missed those days when family members gathered round to make such goodies.  It is such a great way to bond, unfortunately for me, none of my siblings are interested.  Luckily I have good friends who shared the same passion as me.  

While chatting on my recent regular cook out session with my friends, a mother in law was willing to spend a day making the batter for us.

I, on the other hand was happy to bring out my charcoal burner and mould from storage.  It has been 7 long years since I inheritance this treasure.  

As four silly women trying out our first experience after a long hiatus.   Each of us reminiscing our childhood experiences.  

For us, it wasn't as successful as we hoped for.  Our 6 hours operation only yield 1 1/2 big bottles as most went to waste, either burnt or dripped but we definitely had good fun.

There are a few version of love letter batters around.  Some uses plain flour while others had a combination of tapioca and rice flour.

Learning: The batter should be watery and let the batter stick to the red hot iron mould before closing.  Hop over to Travelling Foodies as he has a video to show the consistency of the batter.

Findings: Overall, this recipe gives awesome coconut aroma, it is crispy and fragrant.  

What we need:

250g castor sugar
5 eggs
300g plain flour
300g thick coconut milk 
200g thin coconut milk


Beat egg with sugar until it is pale and fluffy.  Do it in one direction.

Add flour slowly.  Alternate it with thick coconut milk.

Add in thin coconut milk and mix well until smooth.  The mixture should be watery.  If not, add more coconut milk.

Divide into half and store the other portion in fridge until further use.

Heat mould until hot.

Coat mould with batter.  Place on charcoal burner until it is brown, alternate both sides.

Remove cookie and fold immediately.

Cook on rack completely before storing.

I'm linking this post to the "Cook & Celebrate: CNY 2016" event organised by Yen from GoodyFoodies, Diana from The DomesticGoddess Wannabe and Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids


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