Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Teochew Or Nee with pumkin and gingo nut 金瓜白果芋泥

Whenever I visit a Teochew Cuisine restaurant, a must have is Teochew Or Nee for dessert.

Over the Lunar New Year, I had a chance to sample my friend W's Or Nee with pumkin and gingo nut 金瓜白果芋泥 and I love it.   Usually what I ate is just yam paste with gingo nut and coconut milk.

Using the thermomix, I no longer think twice about making this any more.  It is easy and fuss free to serve this for dessert.

I already knew what to bring for my next potluck party.

What you need:

500g Yam, skinned and cubed.
250g water
50g fine sugar (adjust to your liking)
50g cooking oil (I used 30g lard) - reduce it if you want.

100g pumpkin puree
ginkgo nuts, cooked


Put yam and water into Thermomix.  Set to Speed 1, 105 deg and cook for 15mins.

Add sugar and oil and set to Speed 8 for 30 sec.

Garnish with pumpkin puree and ginkgo nut

Without machine

Steam yam until soft.

In a blender, add in yam and water and blitz until smooth.  Adjust the 100g water and progress until to the consistency you preferred.

Add in sugar and oil and blitz until well combined.

Garnish with gingko and pumpkin puree


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