Sunday, 13 November 2016

Umi Budo with crabmeat in clear broth

I still have some green caviar sponsored by  Never have I expect that tiny pack can blossom to so much.

Come to think about it, this green caviar has so many names to it.  It is also known as sea grapes, umi budo (Japanese) and Guso (Filipino - Cebu) and etc.

This time I have Umi Budo with crabmeat in clear broth.  The broth was because I wanted to extract as much flavour from the crab that I have, thus no wastage.

What you need:

1 crab, steam and extract meat (keep shells)
Capsicum, seed removed
Tomato, seed removed
Shiitake mushroom, soak
Egg tofu, cut into disk
Green Caviar (Umi Budo)


Hydrate green caviar as per instruction and soak it in iced salt water.

Place egg tofu into microwave and set at 1min.  Set aside to cool

Steam crab and extract meat.  Season with sesame oil and set aside.

In a pot, combine ½ cup of water with crab shell and shells and bring to a boil.  Sieve

Add in diced mushroom and bring to boil.  Season with salt.  Keep broth aside.

Diced capsicum and tomato into fine cubes

Place tofu on a shallow serving cup. 

Sprinkle capsicum and tomato onto tofu.

Add crabmeat and pour in broth.

Add in umi budo generously.


See you next month!

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