Sunday, 13 November 2016

Crab meat with green caviar appetizer

I might have eaten green caviar aka sea grapes before in a sushi bar but I have never known it is a seaweed!

It has an interesting texture as when you bite into it, it releases a burst of saltiness but it has none of the oily feel as to the real caviar though.  The taste is light and salty.

I am participating in a contest that was sponsored by  This contest indeed widen up my world.

As for this dish, I thought it might go well with seafood as both are from the sea.  Thus I came up with Crabmeat with caviar as an appetizer.

Findings: Initially I had a thick chunk of cucumber but but the feedback from family was that a thinner piece of cucumber will be less powering and allow the sea grapes to bring out the texture instead.

Also need to go light handed on the black pepper and be more generous on the sea grapes.

Overall, an interesting experience.

What you need:

Crab meat
Green caviar
Sesame oil
Black pepper


Hydrate green caviar as per instruction.

Peel skin of cucumber and cut into think disk. Remove core.

Cut the round part of the tomato and remove seeds.

Steam crab and extract meat

Season crab meat with sesame oil and black pepper.

Place cucumber onto serving dish, and add on the tomato.

Top off with caviar generously.

Serve cold

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