Monday, 29 January 2018

Marshmallow Biscuits (雪Q餅/雪花酥)

In Taiwan, this Marshmallow Biscuits (雪Q餅/雪花酥) is very popular.  Many have attempted it.  It is a really easy snack to put together and I am sure the kids will love it.

I love this so much that I attempted it again.

Only set back, in Singapore, we don't have those pretty packaging that we can easily access to.

Findings: The first time, I had difficult mixing all the cookies and nuts as my marshmallow mixture was very thick.  The texture turned out way too chewy.  The 2nd time, it was much softer as I melted the marshmallow and butter at a very low heat and making sure that mixture really comes together before adding in the cookies and nuts.

Perhaps this items can be added to your CNY goodie list as well.

What you need:

150g marshmallow (original flavour), cut into small pieces until you get the minis.
50g unsalted butter
30g milk powder
2 tbsp cocoa powder
200g crackers, break into large chunks
80g cranberries
50g pecan


Lightly toast pecans and break into big chunks.

In a non stick pot, on low heat, melt unsalted butter.

Add in marshmallow and stir until marshmallow totally melted down.

Add in milk powder and cocoa powder and stir to combine.  Remove from heat.

Immediately add in crackers, cranberries and pecan.  Stir quickly to mix evenly.

Once done, pour onto a silicon mat and shape it into a square or oblong.  With a rolling pin, press and roll to 1” thick.  Keep it in shape.

Set aside to set before cutting.


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  1. 这个真的很好吃,会让人上瘾的零食!


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