Monday, 19 February 2018

Almond tea with egg white 蛋白杏仁茶

During a trip to HK with my girlfriends, I tasted the most awesome Almond tea with egg white 蛋白杏仁茶 in one of the cafe.  Lucky me, this cafe is just a few doors away from the hotel so I actually had it twice!  I believe if time given, I will have it even more.

It was thick and full of almond taste.  Unlike some cheap stuff we get elsewhere.

Was telling my aunt about this and she told me it is easy to make.  She even cooked it for me during my recent trip last year.  Here is how she does it.

Perfect when I am trying to get rid of some of the egg whites and also at the same time, nourish the lungs.

What you need:
yield : 6 - 8 serving

300g sweet apricot kernel 南杏
30g bitter apricot kernel 苦杏
½ cup jasmine rice
1500ml water
120g - 160 egg white, whisk lightly


Soak apricot kernel and rice overnight.  Drain and discard water.

Divide kernels and rice into 2 batches.  Blitz first batch with 375ml water for 1 min.  

Blitz second batch with 375ml water for 2 mins.

Sieve into a pot using a muslin cloth for best texture.

Add the remaining water into the kernel/rice milk.  On med heat, bring to boil the almond tea, stirring constantly.

Add in rock sugar and stir until sugar dissolved.  

Slowly whisk in beaten egg white.

Remove from heat and serve.



  1. Hi Edith

    I am very interested in this recipe, however, I have problem understanding the method to cook this.

    Soak aprico kernel and rice overnight.
    (meaning: soak both types of apricot kernel and the jasmine rice in the 1500ml water in the same pot?)

    Blitz 150 apricot kernel with 375ml water for 1 min.
    (meaning: drain and weigh 150g of the soaked stuff with 375ml from the pot and blitz?)

    Blitz second batch of 150g aprioct kernel with 375ml water for 2 mins.
    (if 1st batch is 150g, then 2nd batch I supposed must be heavier then 150g since it consists of the 30g bitter aprico kernel and the 1/2 cup jasmine rice as well)

    Pardon me asking, then what happened to the rest of the water? throw away?

    Please advise. Thank-you!


  2. 新年快乐 Jess,

    Thousand apologies on the poor instruction. I have since rewrote it. Hope this time it will be more understandable.



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