Thursday, 22 February 2018

Nian Gao Glutinous rice ball 年糕煎堆 Air fried

Am trying to avoid deep fried stuff because hub is having toothache issues.  Think it must be all the CNY snacking.    

Eating Nian Gao is like eating mochi which I love.  Also I am trying to introduce my childhood CNY snack to my kids.  

I have tried making preparing it over here and here.  

So this year, I will try try using the air fryer to prepare Nian Gao Glutinous rice ball 年糕煎堆.  Doing it this way, at least, hub will still able to have some.

It was a fun experiment and just in time to have it for my tea break.

Findings: This yield a really soft and chewy dough and it is not oily!  

As my nian gao is not so sweet, I think I should increase the sugar from 20g to 40g or even 50g instead. 

I should have cut the cubes bigger to approx 2cm cubes as you can see the fillings is pretty pathetic.

What you need:
Yield 12 pcs

40g castor sugar (adjust accordingly to the sweetness of your nian gao)
Pinch of salt
100g water
120g glutinous rice flour
Sesame seeds

Fillings:  Nian gao, cubed



In a bowl, place glutinous rice flour and make a well.

Bring water, salt and sugar to a boil.

Pour syrup water into the centre and using a chopstick, slowly draw in the flours mixture to the water to form a dough.

Add more water if the dough is too dry.  Do it little by little.

Knead to form smooth soft dough and roll into a long rope.

Divide into 10 portions.

Roll into a ball.

Flatten and insert nian gao cube.  Seal well.

Quickly dip into a bowl of water and coat with sesame seeds.

Place inside a baking pan with oil.

Set at 170°C and air fried it for 8-9 mins, swirling round every 3 mins until it turns golden brown.



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