Monday, 14 May 2018

Breakfast smoothie (menopause #1)

I am documenting a series of recipes that is good for menopause (更年期).  To counter the imbalance of our hormone, one of the component that we need in our system is soybean isoflavones.

You might be aware that most soybean is related to GMO, I would highly suggest you use organic soybean going forward.  In fact, I have reduced about 90% of soy milk intake from outside source as I am concern about their origin.

So let me share with you this breakfast smoothie that is so ideal to start the day.

Findings: Initially, I thought this might be hard to drink or even slimy but it turned out pleasantly tasty.  It has a hint of soy bean fragrance and it is thick due to the huai shan.  I am sure my hub will prefers it sweeter but I am fine with it.

Overall, a good substitute for breakfast or even lunch beverage for me.

What you need:

150g soy bean, cooked
150g Huai Shan (淮山), steamed and skin removed
1 tbsp raw sugar
550 boiling water 


Combine soy bean, huai shan and rock sugar and hot water.

Blitz until smooth.


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