Monday, 16 July 2018

Bird Nest with rock sugar 冰糖燕窩

I have eaten bird nest when I was young but I never know the hassle of preparing it as my mom was the one cleaning it and cooking it.

Perhaps I am OCD but the slightest speck of dirt, I was not comfortable in eating it.  So I spent hours cleaning this delicacy and it took perhaps less than 5 mins to finish a bowl.

I have never introduced  Bird Nest with rock sugar 冰糖燕窩 to my kids and I am not sure how they will received it as the kids and hub hated another delicacy and that is the abalone.

I also wanted to challenge myself to cook this as I have never done it before.

Findings: Just like the peach gum, preparing this needed a lot of time as you need to soak and then spot all those impurities.

Cooking it, is simple though and eating it even faster!

hahaha.... hub said he ate in Thailand and he said it is like agar agar and I have a hard time getting the kids to eat it.

Guess I can save my money now.  First, I need to find another recipe to mask it so that I can cook the balance of it.


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