Thursday, 13 June 2019

Sugar free Soy milk

It has been a while I last made soy milk for my family and since I am going to the organic shop soon, I better finish up my pack of existing soy beans prior to the trip.

My hubby bought me a box of dates which I did not really like as I prefers Medjool dates.

To think of a way to finish up this box of dates quickly, I was wondering whether it will be a great idea to marry off these two.

Served it during our meal and I was surprised that my fussy son gave a thumbs up for it.  Only suggestion is that he tasted "particles" in his drink.  So next time. I will go through the muslin bag as for this serving, I actually set aside the remaining without dates.

Soy milk benefits:

protein, vitamin A, vitamin B-12, potassium, and isoflavones.

Dates benefits:

antioxidant, low glycemic, brain booster and yet maintain bone mass

So happy to be able to give a glass Sugar free soy milk to the family, seeing them happily drinking without a fuss. 

Soy milk recipe can be found here.

I added 25 dates (without pits) 


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