Thursday, 29 October 2020

Steam tapioca with coconut caramel sauce

I had the remaining packet of tapioca that I harvested some time back in the freezer.  Just wanted to clear it before I load up the freezer again.

This time around, instead of a kueh, I just wanted something simple.  I pretty like the Thai version but I had tried that already.

So I thought a caramel sauce will be good but instead of cream, I substituted it with coconut milk instead.

So here is my Steam Tapioca with coconut caramel sauce.  


What you need:

Tapioca, skinned and cut into bite size.

Coconut Caramel sauce

100g sugar
45g salted butter
30g coconut cream


Steam the tapioca for 30 mins.

In a pot, melt the sugar, brushing a little water at the side of the pot.

Once sugar turned golden, add in the butter.  Stir until it is fully dissolved.

Add in coconut cream and mix well.


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