Thursday, 26 August 2021

Tapioca Pancake

You don't really see this being sold in those kueh kueh shop except in Pasar Malam.  So with the remaining tapioca.  I decided to try making this.  

Findings:  I have seen some recipes incorporated grated coconut into this pancake but since i don't like this grassy mouthfeel, I omitted it.

This turned out so yummy.   All my testers gave thumbs up for it.

Personally, I like it a less sweet, you might want to reduce to 80g.  

What you need:

400g tapioca, chunk
100g sugar
2 tbsp plain flour
 tbsp concentrated pandan juice


Combine everything into a bowl.  Mix well until the plain flour incorporated.

Heat up a non stick pan, rub a thin layer of oil.

Add in half a ladle of batter into the pan at a height of 10cm.  

Once sides are brown, flip over and continue to cook.


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