Friday, 1 October 2021

Strawberry and cream cheese Bread

I have some strawberries that were too sour to eat fresh so I make them into jam and incorporate them into the bread to avoid wastage.  

Make this Strawberry and cream cheese Bread.  The aroma while baking was really yummy.  

Learning: The dough was a little wet for handling but still manageable.  The only thing is that I should have rolled it out and bigger so that I have more room to cut into 4 strips.  Also perhaps I should have whisked the cream cheese with an electric whisk to "fluff" it more.

Overall, the bread is soft and cottony and it tastes really yummy.  The sweetness from the jam was just nice.

It stays soft even the next day which I like.

What you need: 

250g bread flour
3g salt
1 egg yolk
25g sugar
3g instant yeast
50g fresh cream
100ml water
20g butter

Strawberry jam
50g cream cheese, whipped lightly


Mix bread flour with salt

Combine egg yolk, sugar, instant yeast, fresh cream, and water.  Mix into a rough dough.

Transfer into the countertop and knead until smooth.

Add in softened butter and knead till window pane stage.  Shape into the ball.

Divide into 2.

Place one in the oiled bowl.  

For the other dough, spread into an oblong and incorporate a heap teaspoon of strawberry jam into the dough and knead until fully incorporated.  Shape into a ball.

Place into the oiled bowl and cover and let it proof for an hour.

Degas and shape into a ball.   Cover and let it rest for 15 mins.

Lined a 185mm X 95mm X 90mm bread pan.

Roll the strawberry dough into 24 X 24cm square. (roll this out wider)

Spread the cream cheese and strawberry jam on it.  Cover.

Roll the plain dough into 24 X 24 cm square.  (roll this out wider)

Place the plain dough onto the strawberry dough.   Press lightly to ensure no air pockets between.

Make an imprint of three sections.  

Spread cream cheese and strawberry jam onto 2 of the 3 sections.

Cut along the imprint (Cut into 3 parts).

Stack the two with jam onto each other.  

Follow by the plain.  Arrange sides nicely.

Press firmly.

Cut vertically into 4 sections.

Make a cross (in the center) with 2 sections together and twist the ends. and then do the same for the other 2.

Make sure the top dough is facing upwards.

Place inside the tin.

Cover and let it proof for 25 mins.

Apply egg white, very lightly beaten.   (I sprinkle some almonds)

Bake for 25 mins at 190℃. 


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