Thursday, 28 March 2013

Apple Turnover

As for dessert, I was clueless what is easy to prepare and still can stagger the process.   Baking a cake is impossible because I cannot take a break in between.

Thus when I saw Kitchen Flavour's Apple Turnover, I knew this will be the one.  Firstly I had a bag of granny apples and this preparation can be staggered into stages.  Wonderful!  Thanks for the inspiration.

I didn't follow through her recipe as I don't have lemon and orange peels.  I used a short cut pastry from another book that I bought years ago and never get to use it.

(no pic as the last piece for photo was eaten by helper)

Geesh, it looks like I had a full day isn't it?  Well, I stagger the cooking and opted for easy recipes that don't need me to be on my feet for long period.

We had a great time catching up and I was blown away by the charisma of their kiddos who are only 17 and 19.  We are definitely looking forward to them staying here in Singapore.


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