Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Easter cupcakes

I have been seriously neglecting my oven but at this moment, nursing myself back to health priority comes first.  

When my girl told me she wanted to bake, I told her that perhaps it will be better she postponed this event to next week.  Though my girl did tried once baking muffin for me all on her own effort but I wasn't really confident that she can do it again.  Her baking itch was strong and I couldn't refuse her after she promised me that she will be careful.  

Baking cupcake is not as easy as muffin but I know I have to take baby step in letting go.

I did help her with the buttercream as she has never helped me on this before.  

Nevertheless, I got a messy bench after that but the cuppies turned out gorgeous.  She even managed the piping of the cream by herself!  

Don't you agree she did a brilliant job?



  1. Hi Edith,

    Like you, your girl is very talented with her baking. Let her practice more and she will become pro soon :D


    1. I hope she keeps her interest. Now too young to tell. hahaha

  2. Hi Edith,
    Your girl did a great job! I guess this successful bake will encourage her with more confidence in baking! Her cupcake is beautiful!

    1. She is very proud of them too and wanted to share with her friends and teachers.


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