Monday, 29 April 2013

Ice Kachang

The weather was so hot and humid that I wish I was a fish!  Or rather now I wish I have a swimming pool instead of a pond.  

Once out of the room, the intense heat just smacked right into your face.  I think the oil on my face can even fry an egg.

A friend told me that even when we are at home, we need to slap on more sun screen.  Especially now that I am aging, I had to make more concerted effort to have my face protected.

So, don’t understand the heat or the sun. 

Anyway, a good way to end a dinner, I suppose will nice to have ice kachang as dessert.  After all, my sister gave an ice shaver "toy" some time back.  Had been a white elephant sitting in the store room till now.   It wasn’t that difficult to assemble but it definitely needed arm muscle for this thing.

My girl has strong arm power and she was really good in turning ice cube into shaved ice.  She is always so delighted to contribute to our meal.

As for the ingredients, the hardest was to boil the red bean.  The chin chow, cream corn and attap chee were all store bought. Initially I wanted to make some jelly but decided to skip it as I was just too bothered by the heat.   I nearly forgotten about the syrup but looking at the picture, it didn't stood out as I wanted.

Now see how deflated my ice kachang was despite me trying to shape them into a little mountain.  With such weather, I was racing against time to take a shot at this.  I guess I wasn't that successful but who cares, something cold is what matters right now.

Overall, it was an easy dessert to put together and a nice way to cool off some heat.



  1. Cool! I need this ice kachang too.

    1. yah this weather is terribly hot and this is good.

  2. Hi Edith,
    This is a lovely dessert! Perfect for this hot sweaty weather!


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