Monday, 3 June 2013

Fried Rice (腊肠抄饭)

Besides porridge, my kids love fried rice.   It is also easy on mommy to churn this out for lunch.   After years of preparing this dish, and learning from chef, the trick to attain a good bowl of fried rice has some simple rules. 

First of all, the rice grain should still be in its grain form and not lumped together.   Thus it is necessary to have overnight rice as the grain will lose its moisture.  If you didn’t plan ahead, it is okay.  Just cooked the rice and cooled it a few hours before frying the rice.

You do not keep tossing the rice in the wok to avoid breaking down the grain.  You want it to have a nice chew rather than mushy feel.

To give a golden hue to the rice, a chef recommended to coat it with beaten egg (optional).

I am still not up to that standard of a good quality bowl of fried rice as home kitchen do not have a burner that produce a good substantial heat for the rice to have “wok” taste (wok hei) but nevertheless, I don’t think I fare too badly.  At least my kids think so. 

I am off to pick up my girl to come home for lunch as shortly after, she needs to continue her part two of school hours.  

Geesh, why these days, kids still have to go school during school holiday?


What you need:

Overnight rice
Beaten egg
lup cheong (chinese sausages)
green pea
sweet corn
Minced garlic
Fish sauce


Add a little soya sauce in the beaten egg.  Set aside.

Cut lup cheong to small cubes

Heat wok and fried lup cheong until fragrant.  Remove

Heat wok with oil and until oil starts to smoke. 

Add in minced garlic and sautee until fragrant.  Add in rice and mixed thoroughly.

Spread rice evenly on wok.  Pour in beaten egg and coat rice thoroughly.  Do it gently as you don't want to break the rice grain.

Add in lup cheong and corn.  Mixed well.

Season rice with fish sauce and pepper.

Add in green pea, stir well and turn off heat.



  1. Hi Edith,

    I realise that fried rice is always a winner amongst kids. My Aussie friends and I are cooking lots of fried rice for our families too.


    1. Zoe, perhaps it is because it is easy to eat. all grain size and easy to chew.

  2. 您好,好美味的炒饭也。~



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