Friday, 30 August 2013

Pasta Making Workshop

Last week, I was just thinking about my white elephant toy aka pasta making machine and coincidentally this week, I was invited by Munch Ministry  to join them in an exclusive pasta making workshop conducted by Chef Marc Wee, owner of A for Arbite and Arbite.  I was so thrilled that I jumped onto this opportunity as my schedule fits perfectly!

Actually after my ban mian experience, I was really looking forward to this workshop.  I was also curious as to why a restaurant that also sells pasta as one of their menu, conducts workshop.  Who on earth will want to share their trade secrets?

My doubt cleared after finding out Chef Marc’s version.  He wanted to impart knowledge as well as letting others feel, cooking at home (not only pasta making) can be fun family bonding affairs.  Using simple ingredients, we can always create a sumptuous meal too.  Of course, if we are short of time or just wanted a more relaxing meal, we can still enjoy quality of food at  Arbite or A for Arbite. 

Prior to this, I have been to Arbite situated in Serangoon Garden, a little cozy restaurant that has a little area for kids to play.  Good quality food at reasonable pricing.   A for Arbite is bigger but the concept is the same. 

Chef Marc demonstrated on how to make pasta from scratch and showing the different ways to cook them with a few different recipes.  What I like is that he kept the recipes simple and manageable.  Ingredients that are easily be found in our local supermarkets.

We started off with three simple ingredients.

Chef Marc also show us how to roll pasta by hand.

The work of a hand clank pasta machine

See the differences?

Now it is time to cook ....

and tada...... makan time....

It's sure been a while since I last eaten fresh pasta.  The texture is soft and silky with the right amount of sauces, all the dishes were delicious.  If you prefer al dente, then fresh pasta might not be your cup of tea but if you try it, you might be a convert because nothing beats the freshness.

Overall, it was a very enriching workshop and totally renewed my faith in pasta making.  Yes, I failed pathetically the last time and that really scares me off from it for a good few years.

It wasn’t that daunting as my first experience but to set aside 2 hours just to cook a meal, err… I might just drop by Arbite instead. 

On the other hand, just as what Chef Marc mentioned, it is really a good bonding activity to do with the kids.

Come Septemeber, another interesting activity that A for Arbite is organising.  CRAFT - a four-day celebration of dedication, hard work, and creativity.  

For more information, check them out over at CRAFT

I really welcome this idea, it is better than bringing kids to the mall!  So do drop by.

Collaboration between Munch Ministry and Arbite is in the pipeline.  So stay tuned and keep yourself updated in Munch Ministry’s website.

For more details on learning to cook at A for Arbite, you can email to

A for Arbite
29 Aliwal Street 
Singapore 199918
Tel: 83212252

66A Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555962
Tel: 62870430

All opinions in this invited review are my own.

Happy Friday!

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