Friday, 23 August 2013

Polo Bun (La Pe Do) - Failed

Recently saw an interesting bread recipe in a baking group.  I was excited to try it as it resemble Polo bun but with filling, it reminded me of Hokkiado Chiffon cake.  As I never try Polo Bun before, I was very eager to experiment.

The author named it La Pe Do which I am clueless why such name came about or its’ meaning.  

To cut long story short, my excitement soon turned into a frenzy search.  So you can imagine my emotion, from a high to a low.

Blame it on my own stupidity as I didn't read the recipe thoroughly.  I took it for granted that it is a full recipe as someone did try it.  I didn't expect the recipe to have premix!!!!

The instruction is also not clear too.  A question mark was 10g of the bread dough or 10g of the premix?  In the end, I use my own judgement and weigh out 50g of the bread dough and 14g of the topping which I took from Do What I Like.  (such a pity that she stopped blogging)

Due to the last minute scramble, I forgotten to add icing sugar for the crust and it turned out tasteless.

Next time, I will have to remind myself to fully comprehend the recipe and getting everything mise en place before I start on a recipe.

Overall, it wasn't a very good experience per se.   Guess I never learnt.

A failed mission.

Overall, the texture is soft when eaten fresh from the oven but subsequently the bread turned stale when cooled.  

I will definitely try making Polo Bun again but I think I will still stick to the 17 hour method or the tang zhong method instead.



  1. Never mind, we do learn from our failed experience which will spur us to experiment on more recipes and pick up tips along the way.

  2. Yes indeed Cheah. No failure no improvement. hehehe

  3. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.com23 August 2013 at 18:55

    Edith, we learn from our failures. So, I am sure, the next round you would have perfect polo buns. Cheers and have a nice weekend :)

  4. i have a bad habit too..always thot i have a certain ingredient on hand until i got ready all the rest then i realised i dont have a particular ingredient to bake..

  5. I have done that many a time. Even though it was tasteless, it sure looks delicious :)


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