Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Brandy Truffle Snowskin Mooncake (Olive Oil)

Back in 2011 when I first incorporated truffles (my old blog) into the moon cake after I found them in a baking supply shop.  I gotten tremendous enquiries after that.  I was surprised that two years later, I still have such enquiry.   

Sorry I couldn't post any earlier as now I am trying to find a balance with my new routine.  So for those who are keen to make them next year, these are available at Sun Lik, Seah Street. I have also indicated the prices here.

After I have done my Strawberry Mini Snowskin mooncakes, I am ready for the next olive oil experiment. 

Yes I am trying to move away from the tradition of using shortening in snowskin. 
G shared with me a recipe using just olive oil and I decided to try it because the Strawberry Mini Snowskin Mooncake also used olive oil and  doesn't have a slightest hint of the olive oil smell nor taste as it was masked by the fruit puree so my first impression of pretty good.

I also alter the method to make it easier for myself.

As usual, truffles in moon cakes has been a hot favourite in my family ever since and this year is no exception. 

Verdict: I like this texture as it stays soft even after chilled.  Thus you don't need to thaw before consumption.

What you need:

55g kao fen
50g Hong Kong flour
100g water (adjust accordingly)
1 tsp pandan paste
20g olive oil
70g icing sugar


Place Hong Kong flour in microwave and zap for 1 min.  Flour will clamp together but you can loosen it later when it is cool. Set aside to cool.

Sift Hong Kong flour.

Mix Hong Kong flour, Kao Fen and icing sugar together.

Add olive oil and pandan paste into the flour mixture and stir well.

Add in water bit by bit and gauge the consistency.

Knead till soft and smooth.  Set aside for 15 mins.

Divide dough (20g)

Flatten and wrap with fillings (30g)

Mould: 50g



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