Thursday, 19 September 2013

Lychee Martini, Passionfruit and Cranberry with Red White Snowskin Mooncakes

After cleaning the house, I went on to make the remaining moon cakes as I bought the passion fruit and cranberry with red wine fillings.  Usually I am not so exotic but after sampling, I thought it might be a good balance between the tartness and the sweetness of moon cakes.

I used back the last snow skin recipe but this time round, I zapped the Hong Kong flour one minute longer.

I decided to start off with the Lychee Martini Snow skin Moon cake as I don't intend to colour it.  It was a breeze making those.   These turned out to be a hot favourite with my family especially my niece.

Seriously I don't fancy colourings in food but for identification purpose, I had yellow to represent passion fruit snow skin moon cake.  

And pink for Cranberry with Red Wine Snow skin Moon cake.  We had a good laugh as my brother in law said that I am serving Peng Kueh! 

Overall, I found that after colouring, my dough changed texture and become stickier.  I also found that the fruit filling is softer in texture as compared to my low sugar white lotus seed pate.   Thus my imprint wasn't as defined as I would like it to be.

It was a good gathering and visiting my sister's new house. 

These days, the flats are so tiny and you wonder how not to have a small family in Singapore if you ever choose to have one, set aside this demanding education system. 

I guess all furniture has to be in mini size and collapsible in the future.

P/S: I was totally bombed out.

I hope you sight a full moon!

What you need:
Snow skin

300g icing sugar
20g shortening
150g freh milk
110g kao fen

Fillings: Passionfruit lotus paste, low sugar lotus paste

Truffle: Lychee Martini


Knead snowskin ingredient until smooth.  

Wrap fillings and mould.

Chill in fridge for 1 hour before serving.



  1. Hi Edith,
    Those look so tempting! Drooling!
    Anyway, Happy Mid-Autumn to you!

  2. My choice would be the lychee martini :)

  3. Hi can share your lychee martini mooncake recipe ?

    1. Koyoyo, it is the truffle that is Lychee Martini so thus this isn't a recipe for it.


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