Thursday, 6 March 2014

Fried Wanton

At long last, I bought a Philips Airfryer XL!  I wasn't impressed with the first model they had previously.  After seeing my sister's, I was even more convinced that I made the right choice not getting one as the capacity is definitely not ideal for a family of 4.  

Now the newer model came into the market.  A bigger capacity which I feel is right for a small family unfortunately, not only the price was one factor that held me back, I was intimated by the size of it.  I needed to find a space on my kitchen counter and finally I got rid of another appliance and managed to squeeze in just right.

The first attempt was Fried Wanton, though the texture is crispy but it lacks the deep fried golden colour.

Perhaps I brush a layer of oil on these wanton, the airfryer might be able to give them a golden hue.  

Overall, it is less messy than deep fried method.  

What you need:

Minced pork
A packet of wanton skin
Soya sauce
sesame oil


Marinate minced pork with soya sauce, pepper and sesame oil for at least 1 hour.

Place a tsp full of meat on the wanton skin.

Seal with water.

Air fry at 180 deg for 15 mins.  Turning it half way through.

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