Friday, 25 April 2014


When I was young, I always had the impression that Bergedil is just plain potatoes.  It was untill I met H's mom and found out that her version incorporated something and tasted wonderful that I decided to find out what actually that she add that makes it taste different from those that I ate before.

For food vendor, I guess to keep the cost low, bergedil is just plain potatoes.  For home made, the variety is many I believe.  One that I know now is to incorporate canned tuna.  Then again, I do not know what is the authentic bergedil taste like as I have no chance to savour.

As for H's mom, she added in fried ikan bilis to it. 

I was too lazy to deep fried my potatoes before mashing.  So I just steamed it and mashed.  

Overall, glad that my girl likes it. 

Are you glad that today is Friday.  Time to sit back and enjoy the weekend.



  1. The version of Bergedil I took from Malay stall is adding minced beef, your looks good too.

    1. So it is not as "plain" as I thought. hehehe.. Thanks.


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