Saturday, 5 April 2014

The mousetrap

Last year, after our month long campervan holiday in New Zealand, I had a chance to sample The mousetrap in the airport lounge, it was so delicious that I ate a couple of it at one go and so did my daughter.

I have been having this crave for a few months now and finally I put my act together.

Since I have pepperoni in the fridge, I used that.  You can also add in minced beef.  In fact, you can add anything to your fancy and topped it off with cheese. 

For me, I think Marmit is the x factor for this recipe.  

Here is something that is quick, tasty and yet easy to prepare for your kids.  As I was told by a Kiwi, that mozzies don't attack them because of the Marmite that they ate.  True or false, I have yet to find out.

What you need:

White toast
Cheddar Cheese


Spread marmite thinnly on toast
Lay pepperoni nicely
Sprinkle with cheese
Toast in toaster for 10 mins or until golden brown.

Happy Weekend!

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