Sunday, 18 May 2014

No knead artisan bread

The last time I bake a no knead artisan bread, it was a disaster.  I needed to deep cleanse my dutch oven as the bread left a burnt patch of dough inside it.  It was a nightmare and I swear off it.

After much research, I wanted to try this recipe.  I prepare the dough last night and bake it this morning.

Assembling it was very easy.  Just dump and mix and put it in the fridge.  Just remember not to use an airtight container as the gases will be form during the fermentation process.

I struggled a little with the wet dough, had to coat my hands several times with flour before I managed to stretch and pull it to form a ball.

The dough raised so much during the 2nd proofing that my initial plan of baking it in the air fryer was abandoned as it won't be able to fit it and bake it without burning, just like the previous attempt.

Then I forgotten to preheat my baking stone and I had to switch plan and bake it in the baking pan.  I should have baked it in a cooking sheet but since my second proofing was done in the baking pan, I couldn't removed it without deflating it.

Verdict: The bread turned out soft and chewy.  Unfortunately, despite me adding water to create the steam, it didn't have a crispy crust.

I have also forgotten to give it two slit so the bread came out looking round without that aesthetic artisan bread look. 

Overall experience, I am thankful that the bread is fluffy and edible despite all the hiccups.

Note: This bread stays soft even the next day without heating up.  

Definitely a keeper.

What you need:

470g plain flour
2g yeast
334g lukewarm water
3g salt


Put everything into a container with a non air tight lid (wide opening).  Using a wooden spoon, stir everything until combined.  Close the lid and leave inside the fridge overnight.

The dough is supposedly to be able to store chilled for up to two weeks.

Preheat oven to 230 deg C.  Set a baking tray at the bottom and place a baking stone above it. 

Flour table top, remove dough from container and do the stretch and fold method to get the dough into a ball. 

Let the dough proof for an hour with a cloth covering it.

Slit the dough with either razor or a pair of scissor.

Slide the dough onto the baking stone, pour a cup of water into the baking tray and bake for 25-30 mins.

Now are you ready for Monday?  


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