Friday, 27 June 2014


Lately I have been feeling nostalgic, and am on a lookout for snacks that I ate or saw when I was young.
Today, I saw F posted on a baking group in FB about this 吉红糕, and that got me curious.  For I did see this in those traditional bakery store but my mom never buys them.  Now I found out that it was meant for certain dialect group's prayer.

Thanks to G's perfect memory, she recalled seeing this recipe from an old baking forum that we joined.

Findings: It is a very soft cake.  It is neither gummy (as I expected because of the gelatin) nor chewy.  A cooling feel to the mouth (as it is chilled in the fridge).  Has a mild sweetness to it.  After coating with flour, it was easy to handle.

Is the close to the "real stuff", I can't tell.  If I do come across it, I will definitely buy a packet to find out.

For the time being, for those interested, here is the recipe that G shared.

What you need:

60g glutinous rice flour
60g tapioca flour 
500ml water 
120g castor sugar
30g gelatin powder
½ tsp banana essence
1 tbsp cooking oil
a few small drop of red colouring


Combine flours and water in a pot.  

Add in sugar and stir until all combined.

Add in gelatin and let it sit for a while to bloom.  Stir to blend.

Cook batter over low heat, stir constantly to form a translucent soft dough.   

Stir in the flavouring and cooking oil.  Mix well.

Spread the dough onto a greased container.  Leave to cool.

Chill in the fridge for ½ hour.  Sprinkle fried glutinous rice flour and cut into small pieces.  Toss further in more fried glutinous rice flour.  

Dust off excess and store in a clean container.  Store in fridge.


  1. gosh.. walking down the memory lane indeed Edith! what about making some ding ding candy?

    1. Vic, great idea. Unfortunately I don't think I owned a candy thermometer! Another one is those that use a popiah skin to wrap. My son love those.

  2. Hi Edith..this is my favourite. Think I should learn how to make too. Most of the time I bought it from the bakery shop at my mum's place.

    1. Hi, I like it too. Could you tell me where I can buy it?

    2. Hi, I like it too. where can I buy it?

    3. Peggy LC, if you pass by those traditional bakery you might find it. Or sometime those heartland bakery also has it I think.


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