Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Kueh Kosui ** soft even chilled

I have never been a big fan of Kueh Kosui.  Those that I ate before is either too sweet or I didn't like the texture.  Then again, I have never tried making Kueh Kosui before.  To challenge myself, I decided to give this a go.

I chose this recipe as it is really unique.  It uses mee suah (which is one of my favourite noodle) and as it omit the use of alkaline, it is even better.

What entice me further was it is best served chill and that will gives me ample of time to prepare for a party if needed.

So I decided to experiment with this recipe.  

Talking about Blessed Homemaker, I am wondering how is she doing as I lost touch with her and she has since stopped blogging.  Remembering the time our kids spent playing in Botanical garden.  If you are reading this, please contact me.  Would love to rekindle our friendship.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.  Indeed a keeper.

Verdict: I might not have blended the mee sua well and it was lumpy when I added into the flour mixtures. Thus I sift through twice to fully removed the lumps. Other than that, it is relatively easy to put together. 

Overall, as promised. This stay soft even after chilled.  In fact, I like the chilled version too and it is not coyling sweet which I like.

Definitely a keeper.

What you need:

250g gula melaka
600g water
Some pandan leaves

50g mee suah
300g water

250g tapioca flour

Grated coconut, steam with pinch of salt and let it cool before using


Greased a 9” round or 9"x13" pan.

Put A into a pot and bring to boil.  Stir till sugar melts.  Leave to cool.

Put B into a separate pot to cook, bring to boil.  Leave to cool and blend to paste

Mix tapioca flour with cold gula melaka mixture and stir well

Add mee suah paste to gula melaka mixture, stir and mix well.

Sift the batter and set aside.

Steam empty pan for 5 mins.   Pour mixture into pan and steam for another 45-50 mins or until set.

Set aside to cool to room temperature and cut into small pieces.

Coat with fresh grated coconut and serve (served chill is good too)

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