Thursday, 30 July 2015


During a makan session, I was served a citrus drink and it was so good.  Found out that it was prepared by my friend's dad. Of course we were eager to find out what is the secret to it.

He told us that he uses three types of citrus fruits.  Lemon and two types of lime.

I have been thinking about this ice cold drink lately.  Perhaps it was this terrible humid weather that make me wants to drink it right away.

Want to beat the heat?  Try this.

What you need:

2 lemon
8 lime (best option is to get the thai lime)
20 small lime

Syrup (sugar and water)


Squeeze the juice from the lemon and limes.  Filter off the seeds.

Add in the syrup and water.  Adjust to your preference.

Add lots of ice cubes and serve cold.

Note: You can adjust to your liking on how sour you want.  The Thai lime gives a unique tang to it.


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