Saturday, 5 March 2016

Injeolmi Toast 인절미 토스트

Recently I went to a bingsu cafe near my house and one of the specialty is Injeolmi Toast.

It is a simple sandwich toast with my favourite mochi in it and top off with some cheese.  For that price I think it is a little steep.

In fact, as compared to the other bingsu cafe that I visited before, I think in this place, the premium bingsu cost more than those in the city centre as it is rather plain with no brownies or cheesecake.  

Despite that, I do like the staff and the place is spacious.  A really good place to hang out with friends over a cup of tea or coffee as it is not crowded and able to have decent conversation without straining your vocal cord.

Anyway, I was really inspired to make Injeolmi Toast  인절미 토스트 myself.

Initially I wanted to make the Injeolmi (mochi) but since I have a packet of ready made mochi, putting together this toast became easy peasy.

If you want to make your own Injeolmi, I would recommend this video.

What you need:
Serve 4

4 mochi cake, cut into 8 for each toast
8 slices White toast
Butter, soften
4 tbsp Bean powder
4 tbsp Castor sugar
Cheddar cheese, shredded
Toasted almond slice


Mix bean powder with castor sugar. Set aside

Slice mochi cake into slices (depending on how thick you like).  Since mine is pre packed, I actually toasted it for 2 mins to soften the mochi cake.

Spread toast with a generous amount of butter and sides.  Toast them lightly.  Remove

Place sliced mochi cake on the toast.

Drizzle and sprinkle a generous amount of honey and bean powder

Place the other slice of butter toast over it.

Butter the top of the toast, sprinkle more bean powder mixture.

Add a generous amount of cheese.

Toast until it is golden brown.

Drizzle honey and garnish with toasted almond.

Serve immediately.

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