Thursday, 21 April 2016

Frozen Yogurt Pop

I guess it is because of global warming getting worse, the weather has been terribly humid and the temperature has reached a all-time high.  Lucky for us, we still are still bless with occasional down pour.

I am also glad that the school is being realistic and allow the girls to wear their PE tees to keep cool.

As it is close to exam period, most CCA activities are halted, with little one being home in the afternoon, I thought a Frozen Yogurt Pop will be nice as a snack in between study break.

For me, I can't wait for my cough to go away so that I can suck on these lollies!

Are you looking forward to weekends?  or are you busy preparing your kiddo for the mid year exam?

Just stay hydrate and take care.

What you need:

1 punnet Blueberries/Strawberries
1 tub Greek yogurt


Pour half tub of Greek yogurt into a blender.

Add in blueberries/strawberries

Add honey according to the sweetness level you preferred.

Blitz and fill into the pop bag.

Tied with rubber band and freeze overnight.

Note: These pop bag can be purchase from SKP.



  1. I'd love to have one to beat the heat!

    1. I agree. These days, it is getting hotter by the year. haiz.... global warming is scary.


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