Friday, 22 April 2016

Quick and Easy Smore

Though it is so hot and humid, I am glad that it has been raining nearly every day and the dry spell seems to be over.

I bought a packet of marshmallow on impulse the other day.  Perhaps I was thinking how my girl used to stuff her two cheeks with marshmallows and call herself a bunny. 

This was so easy and I love the idea of not having to scrub my plate after this treat.

A quick and easy treat to serve on impromptu.

Now let's dig into this Quick and Easy Smore treat. 

What you need:

Chocolate (any chocolate of your choice)
Graham biscuit


Preheat airfryer to 170°C.

Crush Graham biscuit and coat the bottom of the serving dish evenly.  

Pour a layer of chocolate onto the cookie layer.  Spread it out evenly.

Place marshmallow over it as show.

Bake for 4 - 5 mins or until golden brown.

Serve immediately.


  1. OH Edith, that looks so darn good, I wish I had some right now!!! Heck, I should just go make some it's so easy, lol...

    Now, I'm picturing marshmallow bunny cheeks, lol...Thanks for sharing Edith and for the chuckle too:)

    1. hahaha... yes she had me laughing till I get cramp. This is a good treat for little ones even my hub and I love it.

    2. Hi Edith,
      Would you believe I whipped this up for Marion for Mother's Day and she LOVED it!!! I told her she needed to puff out her cheeks to really enjoy it. She thought I was being very silly, lol...

      Thanks again, Edith...


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