Friday, 24 June 2016

HK Butter Bun 牛油豬仔飽

During my recent girly trip, we were early for our hotel check in and the lobby staff, L, suggested we have our late lunch at a café just a few doors away.  He told us we have got to try their butter bun 牛油豬仔飽.  

True to his words, the buns were so delicious or were we hungry?  We tried another café a few days later, and I feel it tasted even better than the first.  Perhaps there is enough amount of condense milk used as compared to the first.

Don't ask me why they call it a piglet bun (literal translation), my aunt too didn't know how they derived this name too.  Nevertheless, I am totally in love with it.

Thus today, I am replicating this simple and yet awesome buns for my family to try for they will never enjoy going to HK at this stage.

Pardon the sloppy photo, I didn't do a good job drizzling the condense milk over the hot toasted bun.  By the time, it was really for a snap, the condense milk already became a muddle.

Whatever it is, my hungry little one gave a thumbs up for it.

What you need:

Butter Bun
butter, room temperature
condense milk


Slice the bun into halves.

Spread a thick layer of butter.

On a med heat, toast it in a frying pan until golden.  Cut side facing down.  (be careful not to burn it)

Drizzle a generous amount of condense milk before serving.

Serve hot.


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