Friday, 20 January 2017

Crab stick cracker

Actually I am not a fan of crab stick as I find the flavouring really strong.  This Crab stick cracker was quite popular and many people did it before.  For me, I did tried once but it turned soft quite quickly. 

So this year, I take extra steps to ensure that the crackers will retain their crispiness. 

Findings: I air dry it because I wanted to remove moisture so that I can fry it better.

I took a further step and air fry it to make sure the oil is well drain off and the cracker stays crispy longer.

What you need:

Imitation Crab stick (I used Dodo brand)
Oil for deep frying


Remove the plastic wrapping.

Unroll the layers and tear off according to the size you want.

Spread onto a cooling rack and air dry it.

Heat oil to small to med heat and deep fried for about 30 sec.

Increase heat to continue to fry until light brown.

Remove and drain.

Using the air fryer, set at 165°C, air fried it for 3 mins to remove excess oil.

Cool on rack completely before storing.


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