Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Calamansi Plum Drink (桔子酸梅水)

Whenever I am in Malaysia, I love to order Calamansi Plum Drink 桔子酸梅水 as it is a great thirst quencher. These days, I am beginning to see more and more drink stalls in Singapore selling this as well.  Some are really good but some just lacks the flavour.

Thus when I saw EO posted her recipe in her FB, I know right away that I wanted to make a jar.  This will be just the perfect beverage to serve in such hot and humid period in Singapore especially when I have some workers working on the house.

What you need:

500g calamansi (small green lime)
200g raw sugar
100g sour plum


Bake calamansi under low heat for 20 mins to remove juice from calamansi.

Mix sugar, skin of calamansi and sour prune in a clean glass jar.

Pour in calamansi juice.

Let it sit in room temperature until all the sugar is dissolved.

Chill in fridge thereafter for a week.

Mix the juice with ice and serve cold.

Don't you want some?

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