Monday, 6 March 2017

Vin's Same Day Sourdough

I failed many times trying to make a batch of sourdough starter.  A friend gave me some and from then, I was able to continue the process.  

2 weeks ago, was at a friend's place and CH taught us the process of making a sourdough bread.  We spent a nice Sat together, baking baguette and sourdough and ended the day by having a nice dinner together.  I have never been away from home for so long on a weekend. hahaha....  

Today, I am trying out Vin's Same Day Sourdough recipe once again on my own.  

This learning journey came a long way.  I have failed so many time trying to make my own starter that my confidence level literally hit zero. 

Thanks to this group of girls for sharing the starter and CH for teaching too.

Finding: I actually let this proof overnight in the fridge before baking.  It is hard to time my bake in the day as I have so many activities.  So this chilling in the fridge overnight works well for me.   Thanks PC for the tip and guidance too.

As for the S and F (stretch and fold), I started to panic when during the 2nd and 3rd S and F, the dough starts to get sticky again.

I was trying hard to get that tension before I dropping it into the banettone for overnight proofing.  

As I did not flour my banettone well enough, some part of the dough actually stuck to the banettone and thus my bread did not get that beautifully pattern.

I must remember to slash about 1/2" deep next time too as my scoring looks really pathetic here.

What you need:

400g bread flour
250g water ( an additional 100g come from the starter making a total of 70% Hydration) 
200g Levain (Levain is 50% of total flour )
10g Salt (2%)


Mix bread flour and water in a mixer and with a paddle hook, stir in slow speed for 2 – 3 mins.  Let it rest for 15 mins.

Change to hook and add in the Levain. Knead another 6-8 mins till you can feel the window pane appear.

Transfer the dough to a bowl or container and add salt and gently give a few folds. Leave it for 3 hours.

During 3 hrs bulk ferment, do 3 stretch and fold (S and F) at beginning half and hour interval)

Pre-shape and rest 20 mins in room temperature (29 to 31°C).

Do a final shaping and transfer to a banneton and leave it to proof for 45 min to an hour at room temperature.

Preheat the oven, with the Dutch oven, to 260°C.  

While the oven is preheating, place banneton into fridge for 40-60 minutes to stiffen the dough to aid scoring. Best to "eyeball" when final proofing is done.

Take out the dough from fridge and do a scoring.

Transfer to your dutch oven and put it into oven. Lower the temp to 230°C for 25 mins and bake with the cover.

Uncover the dutch oven and lower to 200°C and bake another 20 mins  until surface is golden brown. (Please adjust individual oven heat accordingly)

Remove bread and let it cool for 1 hour before slicing. 

Handling this dough is indeed not easy.  I have lots of room for improvement.  At least, this loaf looks good enough to present on the table unlike my previous 3 loaves that ended up in the bin.

Nevertheless, I shall continue until I am happy with the looks of this bread.  We shall have a sandwich for dinner tonight.

Happy Monday!


  1. First timer always panic during the folding part. haha.... I did too ! Well, that is actually the best part of all. >o<

    1. Kristy, I still am very terrible with handling wet dough. Just threw another batch over the weekend. Haiz....


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