Sunday, 30 April 2017

Artisan Bread Nestrum

Saw another Artisan Bread recipe with high hydration.  Since my last few attempts on high hydration recipe failed, I wanted to give this a go.  

Though it did not turned out pretty that I wish it would be but I am glad that I did not have to feed the bin with this Artisan Bread (Nestrum).

Observation: This is a high hydration dough and thus it is very sticky to handle.  

Am glad that I sprinkle some nestrum onto the dough before baking.  If not, I think this loaf will be ugly because my scoring was not evident as the dough was sticky to the blade.  I could not do a clean and deep cut.  

This recipe might not be suitable for baking in the air fryer as it did not create a crust.

Overall the texture is really nice and soft.  

Next round, I will attempt this in a dutch oven with a proper oven. 

Source: Doris Mok/Lyn Shang

What you need:

113g bread flour
12g rye flour
50g herman starter (refresh it until it is very active)
95 - 100g water (I used 90g water)
3g sugar
3g salt
5g olive oil


Mixed starter with water and then sugar and oil.  Mix in the flour till rough dough. Cover and put in the fridge for 1 hour.

Take out mixed the salt with some water. .

Wet hand and stretch and fold till well mix.  Snf 3 to 4 time every half hour

24hr bulk fermentation in fridge.

Next day take it out and rest in room temperature and bake it at 240°C for 45min.

Note: I added some water on the base pot to create the steam.


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