Monday, 1 May 2017

Herman Soft Bread (air fryer)

I am so glad that I discovered Herman Starter and it seems that I enjoyed this starter much better than the sourdough starter as this starter does not required too much of my attention.

So here is another recipe that a group member shared that I wanted to try.  Got this ready so that my girl will have Herman Soft bread to snack on when I am not around.

Observation: I added another 15ml of milk to the dough as I find it too stiff.  I might increased it even further for my next round.

As I was testing out the kneading mode of my thermomix, I am not sure whether this is the reason that it did not rise as much as I wanted it to be.

So next round, I will knead by hand instead.

Overall, the taste and texture of this recipe is not bad.  I have done a small loaf so am not sure whether this stays soft even the next day.

What you need:

120g Herman starter (fed on the day before baking without sugar)
260g bread flour
1 large egg
30ml milk (slowly add, adjust accordingly)
2g salt
30g butter


Combine all ingredients (except butter) together and knead till you get a silky and elastic dough.

Knead in the butter until it passed the windown pane stage.

Divide dough into 3 portions, then roll out into a long oblong shape. Roll up and place into greased loaf pan.

Proof till dough reaches triple size/90% of height of pan. (I proof overnight in room temperature)

Bake at 170°C for 25-30 mins for buns/40-45mins for big loaf, cover bread with foil if it browns too quickly.

For air fryer, it is 150°C for 25 mins.