Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Water Kefir

After I had so much fun with Herman Starter, here is yet another bacteria culture adventure.   This time it is water kefir (水克非尔 or 雪莲花 )

My group of friends actually shared some water kefir grains with me.  This is also something like Kombucha.  Only that it seems easier to make then Kombucha as the process is faster and has no waiting time.  I can just get it done and move on to my other chores.

In summary:
  • It is loaded with probiotics that colonize the entire digestive tract.  
  • May help with free radicals and boost the immune system.
  • Does not produce a significant detox effect
CH and FK are living far for me to consult, thankfully, I found a fellow WF "grower" living in my estate.  She came to the rescue and she advises me to increase the sugar level.  

During my water kefir learning journey, I had a lot of trouble with water kefir process.  For two months or more, I couldn't get that fizz during the 2F.  I was frustrated and was about to give up but because the process was so straight forward unlike the Kombucha whereby I had to brew the tea and then wait for it to cool before moving on to the next stage, I decided to persevere.

Upon JA's advice, I increase the sugar to 6 tbsp to 1 litre of water and 5 tbsp of grains.   I was over joyed to see the final result.  My grains were finally giving the result that I wanted!

Then again, my girl cannot tolerate the 3 days process as she encountered diarrhea.  Thus I only gave her the 1F.

Then I found out that 12 hrs (1F) and 8 hrs (2F) tasted so much better as it is less vinegary when I visited FK's house the other day.  


For coconut water fermentation, I followed the 3 days process and was a disaster.  The drink tasted really bad that I had to throw it away.  So I moved it to under 8 hours and it was okay.  I added juice to give it more flavour.  The fizz was apparent but the grains do not seems to grow very well.

Grapes, grapes juice, ginger and passionfruit seems to give it alot of fizz which that was my goal.

Bluepea flower is the prettiest.

As for lemongrass, I can't really taste it.

Our favourite: Blueberries, gingers, passionfruit, mangoes and grapes and the worst tasting was the bananas

What you need:
1 litre 

5 tbsp kefir grains
6 tbsp castor sugar
1 litre filtered water
½ tsp molasses 
pinch of salt


1F (first ferment)

In a 1 liter jar, add in filtered water and brown sugar or castor sugar.  Stir until sugar dissolved. (I used fine sugar, a pinch of molasses and boiled and cooled overnight water)

Add in the kefir grains.

Cover top with cloth.

Set aside for 3 days.  It is ready when the grains float up.  (I find that it is not necessary for the grains to all float up - observe for bubble movement) Sieve (with plastic sieve).

Add ice and serve cold.

Repeat the process for a new batch.

For flavouring and fizz (2nd ferment)

In clean bottles, add juice or fruits and fill with kefir water.  Seal tight and set aside for 2 days.  

Place in fridge to chill.

(These days, I use 12 hours for 1F and 8F for 2F as benchmark and it taste beautifully for us)

Note: 250ml/pax consumption is ideal for us.  For kids, start off with 125ml.  If encountered constipation which some will encounter, increase your water intake.

I am glad that I have started this healthy drinking journey and hopefully will wean off my son's fizzy artificial drink habit.



  1. It is a very healthy fizzy drinks. I like it chilled. I've experiment it once but the kefir already dried off. I stopped feeding them long long time ago. Glad that you're having fun with it. You may try it out in making ma lai gao.

    1. Yes, we love the fizz. When I first started, I couldn't get that fizz and was really frustrated. NOw I am a happy mom.


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