Thursday, 6 April 2017

Soy Milk (Thermomix)

The last time I made Soy Milk using a Thermomix, I had nightmare cleaning up my kitchen.  

After consulting the agent, I managed to get this nice and thick Soy Milk.  So happy because soy milk is my girl's favourite as she does not like gassy drinks and these days, those available outside is so watered down that it taste terrible.

I am not big into organic but I will buy only organic soy bean because of GMO reason.

This is so well received that by the time it goes for a photo shoot, this is the last glass left.  Time to make another batch.

What you need:

200g organic soy bean
1200g water (600g + 600g)
5 pandan leaves
½ cup sugar (adjust to taste) 


Wash and soak soy bean overnight.

Drain beans and add into the thermomix vessel with 600ml water.  Set to 1 min at speed 8.

Add the remaining 600g water and set to 10 sec at speed 3.  

Filter the beans either using a muslin bag or a very fine sieve.

Clean out the vessel and pour back the soy milk.

Add in the pandan leaves, place the VAROMA on top of the lid.  Set to 18 mins at 98°C, speed 2.  (this is the impt part to prevent spilling out during boiling)

Bring to boil again for another 2 mins.

Remove pandan leaves and add in sugar.  Set to 1 min at speed 2.

Pour into serving jug.

Serve either hot or cold.


  1. Hi! What do you mean "place the varoma on top of the lid" ? Thank you.

    1. If you own a Thermomix, it is that oval bowl (Varoma) that comes with this machine. It prevents spilling over during the boiling stage.


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