Monday, 22 May 2017

Air baked Water kefir Sweet Potato Bread

I bought sweet potato powder during one of my holiday and had been sitting quietly in my pantry.  Decided to play with it and incorporated it into my bread.

I wanted to experiment whether I can use the air fryer to bake this.  So here is my Water Kefir Sweet Potato Bread.  I should have added more to intensify the colour and perhaps next round, will add in some real sweet potato in it.

Oberservation: The bread baked nicely with a nice crust.  Unfortunately, the crumb was not so ideal as I had over handled the dough. 

Due to my poor timing, I thought I could get it done after my errand but it was getting late and I decided to cold ferment it instead.

I should not have work on it more after my errand.  I should have just left it to proof in the fridge instead.

This time round, I did not add any water, and also my lame was not sharp.  So it only got a little ear.  I am not sure about this but will attempt it again, with water and a sharp lame next round.

Overall, the texture is really soft and nice!

I am beginning to love this portion size as it is good enough for just three of us.  It gives me more opportunity to try new flavours.  

What you need:

125g bread flour
65g water kefir starter
1 tbsp sweet potato powder
5g castor sugar
52g water
25g water kefir

3g salt
5g softened butter


Combine bread flour, water kefir starter, castor sugar, water and water kefir together and form a rough dough.  Let it rest for 15 mins.

Knead until the dough leaves the side of the mixing bowl.

Add in salt and butter and continue to knead until it pass the window pane stage.

Remove from bowl and shape into a ball.  Place in a oiled bowl and let it proof for 1 hour.

Tension shape the dough and placed in a proofing basket to proof for another 1 hour.

Preheat air fryer at 200°C for 10 mins.

Score the bread and bake in the air fryer for 20 mins.

Cool completely before cutting.


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