Monday, 28 August 2017

Honey Milk Bread 蜜奶吐司

Due to time constraint, instead of natural yeast starter, today, I am back to instant yeast to make this lovely loaf of Honey Milk Bread 蜜奶吐司.

The dough is really easy to handle.  As I was busy preparing for dinner, the dough proof a little longer and I was worried that I might have to bin this loaf.  Thankfully, all turned out well and it is soft and fluffy.

Since it is a big loaf, I gave half to a friend.  Hope they like it.

You may halved this recipe for a smaller loaf if you have a small family.

Findings: The bread is soft and fluffy and it does stay soft even overnight.  
I am sure if you like asian bread texture, you will like this too.

What you need:

480g bread flour
50g wholemeal flour
5g instant yeast  
10g salt
25g light brown sugar

20g honey
50g whipping cream

320g cold milk
25g unsalted butter


Mix bread flour, wholemeal flour, flours, instant yeast, sugar and salt well.

Mix in honey and whipping cream.

Add in cold milk and knead until it forms a smooth dough.

Add in softened butter and knead until it passed window pane stage.

Remove and preshape into a ball.  Cover and let it proof until double in size (approx 1 hr)

Remove onto a lightly floured table top.  Divide into 5 pcs (approx 195g each).

Flatten and shape into a ball.  Cover and let it rest for 10 mins.

Lightly roll into a oblong shape.  Roll into a rod.  Cover and let it rest for 10 mins.

Lightly roll into a log, flip over and roll up again.

Put into a lightly greased Pullman tin (950g).  Cover with clingwrap and let it proof until 80% tall.

Bake at 215 °C for 20 mins and lower heat 200°C for another 20 mins.

Remove and lightly dropped the tin to release.  Remove bread immediately from tin.

Cool completely before cutting.


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