Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Pecan and raisin bread

Do you prefer the kids having school holiday or do you not?  

For me, I do enjoy having the kiddo at home because she actually motivates me to be in the kitchen trying out new recipes.   

Since she is home, I have additional tester too.  Today's attempt is Pecan and Raisin Bread.   I kind of like this recipe because I can prepare the dough the night before and have a freshly baked loaf for breakfast the next day.

With home baked, it allows me to fill it up with lots of fruits, nuts and seeds too.

What you need:
1 loaf

250g bread flour
3g instant yeast
15g sugar
½ salt
160g water

1 tbsp olive oil

100g pecans
100g raisins (I used two types of raisins)
30g black sesame


Combine all the ingredients together and mix to form a rough dough. 
(Mix on 30 sec, sp 2-6)

Add olive oil and knead 
(Mix on 15 sec, sp 6)

Knead until it passed window pane stage. 
(Knead 2 mins)

Add in the pecans and raisins
(Tear dough into small balls, add ingredients, knead 2 mins)

Oil plastic bag.  Shape dough into round and place into bag.  Seal.

Proof for 1 hour.

Chill overnight.

Thaw for 1 hour, gently pat it flat and shape the dough.  Score.

Bake on 200°C for 20 - 30 mins.

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