Monday, 1 January 2018

Steam Pandan Cake

I read that this Steam Pandan Cake tasted just like the chiffon cake and I was keen to attempt on this.

My first attempt was a failure, the cake did not rise well and was pretty dense.  Nevertheless, because I used concentrated home-made pandan juice, the flavour was really good.  

Thankfully, it was still edible but not good enough to present it for my hub's birthday though.

I attempted it again, this time round, I managed to succeed.  Now I am frosting it with cream cheese whipped cream and my hub gave a thumbs up for it.

Sorry dear that I could not give you a proper birthday cake on the actual day. ðŸ˜ but nevertheless that brownie served was pretty good.


Findings: Though the cake has no fine texture, it was light and soft.  I will definitely attempt this again. 

Thanks GL for sharing this easy recipe.

What you need:

4 eggs (grade AA)
120g sugar
130g cake flour
20g oil
20g concentrated pandan juice


Lined and greased a 8" round baking pan and prepare a steamer.

Beat egg and sugar until it reached the ribbon stage.
(Using a butterfly, combine eggs and sugar in the TM bowl and beat until stiff and fluffy, 15min/37°C/sp3.5)

Fold in flour, oil and pandan juice into the batter until well combined
(Pour in flour, oil and pandan juice 40sec/sp1.5)

Pour batter into prepared pan, tap to remove air bubbles, cover with aluminium foil and prick a few holes on the foil.

Steam for 40 mins on high heat.
(Pour 1 litre of hot water into the TM bowl and bring to a boil before stacking on Varoma 8mins/V/sp2) and the increase the steaming time back (40mins/V/sp2)


150g cream cheese
300g whipped cream
2 tbsp gula melaka, melted and cooled


Whipped cream until stiff.  Set aside.

Whipped cream cheese with gula melaka until it is creamy.

Fold whipped cream into the cream cheese until well combined.

Frost immediately.

May 2018 be a good year for everyone, blessed with good health and plenty of laughter.

Happy New Year!

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