Monday, 8 January 2018

Beef Croquette 牛肉可樂餅

Last year, I had a chance to visit Japan.  This time round with my 2 aunties.  We went to a place that is famous for their beef.  One of the item we ate was Beef Croquette 牛肉可樂餅.  I was totally clueless what it was until my aunt bought our share.

For me, I known it as either croquette or Korokke.   As my Chinese nor Cantonese is not 100% good so it was quite funny to hear another name for it.  

Anyway, the one I eaten was really good.  It is creamy and soft yet with a good balance of beef topped off with a crispy crust.  Totally yummy.

Findings: This turned out really well.  My daughter brought it to school and came home requesting for more.  I also made another batch for my parents and my picky eating dad liked it too.

Definitely a keeper!

What you need:

450g potato 
1 hard boiled egg (grade AA)
½ onion
250g minced beef
Salt and pepper to taste

bread flour
bread crumb

Deep frying oil


Peel potato and slice thickly.  Steam for 10 mins.

Dice onion finely.

Heat pan with little oil and sauté onion until golden and fragrant.

Add in minced beef.

Season with salt and pepper.

Cook until it is golden and dry.  Set aside.

Mashed hot potatoes (leave some chunks).

Add in hard boiled egg and mashed. 

Add in beef mixture and mix well.

Divide into portions (approx 64g) and shape into oval and about ½ thick with sharp edge.

Dip patty into bread flour and then egg bath and lastly bread crumbs.  Set aside and complete the rest.

Heat pot with oil (approx 175 – 180°C)

Deep fry until golden on both sides.

Drain and serve hot.

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