Monday, 21 May 2018

1234 spare ribs

I have a packet of spare ribs and was wondering how I should cook it and suddenly it strikes me that I have not cook this 1234 spare ribs that my mom taught me.

Went back to my old blog for the recipe and realised that I last cooked it in 2006!  Gosh, that was really a long time ago.  

I recalled that I really love this dish and it was so simple to whip up.

What you need 

600g spare ribs
1 tbsp vinegar
2 tbsp sugar – I used only 1.5 tbsp as I don't like it too sweet so adjust accordingly
3 tbsp wine
4 tbsp soya sauce
½ litre of water


Heat wok with a little oil. Seal meat.

Add in the sauce and once boil, turned down heat and slowly simmer till meat has soften.

Stirring occasionally to avoid burnt.

Note: Adjust the sweetness to your liking last. 



  1. Hello, thanks for the receipe. It looks really good and easy. May I ask what kind of wine do you use? Can use Chinese hua diao wine? Thank you :)

  2. May I know how long that takes before the ribs are soft to eat? This dish looks yummy but my molars are all acting up..

    1. It depends on the size of your ribs and the flame. Estimated 30 mins or more.

  3. Hello! This looks really good and simple to make. May I ask what type of wine do you use? Can I use Chinese hua diao wine? Thanks :)


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