Monday, 7 May 2018

Steam Egg Custard 冰花燉蛋

Somehow, the Steam Egg Custard in Singapore is never the same as those in Hongkong.  Thus, whenever I am there, I will make a trip to my favourite dessert place for it.  Unfortunately, the last trip I made, we did not have time for that, so since I am missing it, I shall make some.

There are two versions, one is with rock sugar syrup and the other is with milk which I had documented it here.

If you prefer less milky or milk intolerance, this Steam Egg Custard 冰花燉蛋 will be the one for you.

What you need:
Serve 1

50g egg
100g water
15g rock Sugar


Combine water and rock sugar and bring to boil, stir until rock sugar melted.  Set aside to cool.

Bring the water in the steam to a boil.

Beat egg lightly with a chopstick and mix in the syrup water.  Sieve.

Place the sieve over the bowl and pour in the egg mixture gently.  This is to prevent large bubbles forming.  Fill to 80% full.

Wrap a cling wrap over the bowl and make a slit in the centre.

Steam on medium high heat for 12 mins.   (Lift lid every 4 mins intervals)

Remove and either serve hot or chilled.

Note: The ratio of egg to water is 1:2


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