Monday, 4 June 2018

Cream Cheese Japanese Rice Sponge Buns

I saw this really interesting bread recipe and decided to give it go.  I have tried incorporating potatoes in bread before and it was good.  So I wonder whether incorporating rice into bread will yield a good texture like the potato and that was what draw me to this one.

So today, my experiment will be Cream Cheese Japanese Rice Sponge Bun.

Since I have some cream cheese in the fridge that I need to clear off, I added it as a filling and so here is my Cream Cheese Japanese Rice Sponge Bun for our tea break today.

Findings: Wow I am blown away by this softness.  It was fluffy and yummy.  I gave some to my neighbour and she said it was very good too.

On the second day, the bun is still soft but I find the texture a little coarse. 

If you are looking for texture like Asian commercial bread, then these buns got to be eaten fresh from the oven.  If you don't mind an artisan bread texture, then these buns will be okay on the 2nd day.

I also like the combination of this cream cheese filling with the bun.  Lesson learnt is that I must make sure it is properly sealed!


What you need:

150g cooked rice
210g milk
7g instant yeast
40g unsalted butter
330g bread flour
6g salt

mix together and chill
240g cream cheese
150g Icing Sugar


Cream Cheese and icing sugar until smooth and chill.

Combine cooked rice and milk and loosen rice with a saptula 80°C .

Weigh the rice mixture to 360g (top up with water).  Set aside to cool to 35°C.

Add in yeast and mix to combine.  Set aside for 10 mins.

In a mixing bowl, combine bread flour and rice mixture.  Knead until smooth dough on low speed (about 2 mins).

Add in salt and continue to knead for 2 mins on low speed 2.

Add in butter and knead on low speed until fully incorporated.

Increase speed to med and knead for 9 mins. (finger poke test)

Remove dough and shaped into a ball and let it rest in an oiled bowl. Cover and proof for 1 hr or until double in size.

Remove dough and punch down to degas.

Divide dough into 12 pcs (approx 61g).

Shape into ball.

Cover and let it rest for 15 mins.

Roll into a oblong and roll up and then shape into a ball.

Wrap cream cheese fillings.  Seal well. And place on baking sheet with 0.5cm gap.

Cover and let it proof for 45-60 mins.

Preheat oven to 180°C and bake on middle tray and bake for 22 mins.

Rest it rest on tray for 10 mins before transferring to cooling rack.



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