Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Crunchy Goreng Chempedek

If you follow my instagram, some time back, I bought some Goreng Chempedek.  As you know how rare to have this in Singapore, I jumped into it quickly when I saw it selling.  To my disappointment, it was really costly and not that great.

So during a trip up north, we managed to buy some decent price chempedek.  Stored some in the freezer and the rest I turned them into this Crunchy Goreng Chempedek.

Since my crave on that last occasion did not fulfilled, now I am a happy woman eating to my heart's content.

Learnings: I added in custard powder as I did not get that golden hue even I double fry it the first time.

I removed the seeds as I find it easy to just pop and eat.  This stays crunchy even after cool.

Also the double frying method enhance the crunchy texture further.  So REMEMBER to double fry them.

Definitely a keeper!

Thank you ACT for sharing this nice recipe.


What you need:

100g butter
½ tsp salt
1 -2 tbsp sugar
150g plain flour
80g rice flour
80g glutinous flour
4 tsp custard powder


Combine everything into a mixing bowl.  Using a pastry cutter, cut the butter into the dry mixture until well combined. (Store the excess in the airtight container, chilled).

Weigh out the amount needed, add equal amount of water and mix to form a paste. (I find this ratio work best for this attempt).

Heat oil and deep fried until brown lightly.  Remove and drain.

Increase heat and refry until golden.

Drain and serve warm.


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