Thursday, 3 December 2020

Nama Shokupan (1)

Needed a white loaf to try another recipe so I decided to bake this Nama Shokupan (1).

Learning experience:

Putting together part 1 was easy. The next day, I had a hard time doing part 2 due to the wet dough.  Took me a long time to see windowpane stage and it was not the ideal stage.  Left with no choice, I treated it like a high hydration dough and just do a few stretch and pull method.  Finally got to get a decent ball shape to proof.

After that, I tried as much not to handle with my hands or at least a damp hand.  

I am glad that the bread turned out soft.

What you need:

250g Japanese bread flour
15g honey
15g sugar
75g whipping cream
130g milk

3g instant yeast
4g salt
13g unsalted butter


Combine bread flour, honey, sugar, whipping cream, and milk.  Mix to until well combined.  Put inside a plastic bag and let it rest chill overnight.

Next day, transfer to mixing bowl, add in instant yeast, salt, and unsalted butter. Knead until windowpane stage.

Shape into a ball. Cover and let it proof until double in size.

Degas and divide into 2, shape into ball and bench rest for 15 mins.

Using a rolling pin, roll into an oblong.  Roll down and pinch edge.

Place inside the baking pan.  Cover and proof until 80% of the pan height.

Bake at 180 deg for 40 mins or until golden.


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